The Institute of Economical Partnership (Instytut Partnerstwa Gospodarczego) is an independent research and advisory entity, conducts research projects of practical importance for entrepreneurs and public entities. The Institute has been established as an instrument of creation and support for implementation of up to date economical solutions and development of social initiatives. While acting for the benefit of entrepreneurship and creation of new forms of commercial initiatives with the use of local resources, the Institute provides assistance in legal, economical and social problems. The experts of the Institute provide support to the local governments and entrepreneurs in the identification of necessary actions and investments, in making key decisions and in the selection of project executors and service providers. The activity of the Institute includes teaching activities as well as all forms of transfer of knowledge and expertise, including other than economical, with the use of international partnership of the local governments. The Institute helps in establishing contacts and coordinates the expertise exchange in Poland and in Europe. For that purpose educational and promotional undertakings are organized. We support our partners in contacts with the local and EU authorities within the investment projects, problematic issues and legislation process. We make every effort to ensure that any, even minor, point of view is taken into consideration and a partner properly attended to.